IFRD is a socio-business organization for the betterment and uplift of rural economy at micro and macro level by focusing on value added initiatives for new crops, value addition, capacity building, rehabilitation for land/livestock and community, poverty alleviation/reduction using knowledge and techniques to uplift/betterment of rural communities. We have focus on agricultural communities in respect of general issues, value added products and establishment of agriculture related (Olive and Grapes) industry at small scale for sustainable programs with financial and social uplift of organization and communities.

Improvement through better and quality yields through conducting seminar, information programs, training workshop among the neglected areas of agriculture and livestock. Organization will be supportive subsidiary grogram of education, health, food and social security programs for local communities especially directly engaged agricultural and rural communities. To work for protection of deserving persons and establishment of charitable institutions for the benefit and uplift of mankind.

Small and medium formers’ empowerment through ensuring the equal access to opportunities to participate in the process of sustainable development. Make efforts for effective utilization of agricultural resources and protect environment. To apply research and advocacy tools for establishing a culture of pro-poor policy making. To establish charitable institutions for the benefit and uplift of humanity and particularly for the welfare, education, health of the general public, and raising the standard of living of the financially handicapped families.

To establish educational institutions for the children of those under privileged and less fortune families who are desirous to impart good education to their children but they handicapped due to lack of resources. Establishment of Endowment fund for scholarships to poor disabled, promising and intelligent students and encourage them for their education. To establish centers for providing food, shelter, clothes and amenities of life as far as possible to those who are in distress and calamity like food, war famine etc. To provide shelter for orphans, widows and old age persons and provide them amentias of life. To promote technical education. To provide free medical facilities to poor and deserving patients. To eliminate poverty, disease, misery and distress by sustainable and value added agricultural promotion. To work in cooperation with other societies of the like nature working towards such an ends as are aforesaid objectives of the society.

Our organization has its focus to develop the rural areas and the resources of land, undertake, support and subsidize measures, programs, plans and schemes for rural uplift, socio-economic welfare and modernization of rural areas construct establish, install, layout, improve, maintain work, manage or aid in, contribute or subscribe to the construction, erection, maintenance and improvement of townships, settlements and villages houses, buildings, roads, ways, bridges, canal water courses, wells, tanks, stores, shops, markets, warehouses, clubs, schools, colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, reading rooms, parks, gardens, play grounds, places of amusement and recreation and plans for generation and distribution of energy at domestic and village levels and other conveniences calculated directly or indirectly to contribute to the establishment and maintenance of civic amenities and to undertake measures for improvement of conditions of housing, work, health, hygiene and sanitation and quality of life. To undertake, maintain, manage, subsidize and otherwise assist in the completion of projects, plans, schemes and pilot programs for poverty reduction/elimination, agriculture/livestock development, education, health, environment, human rights, gender discrimination and better services whatsoever for society.

To arrange, participate in workshops, seminars and exhibitions at national and international levels. To arrange meetings/ negotiations/partnerships with international donors/ experts to initiate projects and train the local organizations in all related fields and sector. To reorganize, revamp, restore, manage and up-grade any institution which the Government may transfer to our organization. To receive and accept grants, aids, credit lines (Islamic Base Modalities) and donations and rise, establish and maintain funds by subscription and contribution for the welfare and betterment of the community by government institutions, universities, local donor/funding persons/agencies and international donor/funding organizations and persons.

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About Izhar Foundation

IFRD is a socio-business organization for the betterment and uplift of rural economy at micro and macro level by focusing on value added initiatives for new crops, value addition, capacity building, rehabilitation for land/livestock and community.

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