Izhar Ahmad Qureshi

Izhar Ahmed Qureshi was the founder and Chairman of Izhar Group of Companies. He was a pioneer of his time in design and development of construction techniques for pre-casting, pre-stressing and R.C.C. elements in Pakistan.

Introduction of Mr. Izhar Ahmad Qurashi

He was born in 1927 in Hissar, part of Ambala, now it is located in Haryana of India. Hissar is just hundred miles to the west of Dehli. His paternal grandfather was working in the office of the Deputy Commissioner in Hissar District and after his death his father was allocated that seat.

Throughout his academic career, he was distinguished with top positions. He was graduated in Civil Engineering from the Punjab College of Engineering, Lahore, in 1947 with honors and 1st position amongst Muslim students. He was a self-made man with a long continuous struggle. He had dedicated his life to the profession of Civil Engineering.


From the very beginning, Mr. Izhar’s uncanny generosity and inspiring motivation to do good for his people, has set him above all others as a leader. One such example is spending most of his income on his hobby of Research and Development of design, methodology, manufacture of precast and pre-stressed concrete elements, which began to get appreciated as increasing sales reflect it. The in-house personal technology was given out to prospective entrepreneurs in the best interest of the public at no charge.

As a result of this, more than 600 factories for production of precast and pre-stressed concrete members sprang up in Pakistan without a single penny expense in foreign exchange. In these factories, hundreds of thousands of people got employed and the country saved millions of dollars’ worth of foreign exchange every year.
During this time, this revolution didn’t just stay in Pakistan but spread to India. The Indian Engineers happily joined and commended the efforts of Mr. Izhar’s well managed factory. They openly said the following in November 1997 at the site:


India doesn’t have even one such factory.

Here is a quote by Mr. Izhar which serves as a source of motivation and inspirational guidance to our Youth;
For the younger, upcoming generation of Engineers, Researchers, Doctors and in-fact for all those who have decided to adopt a profession; (as some would like to get degree, some would like to earn handsome living); the critical decision of spending time and life the one and only one life; Why not earn a good name here?

IRDF Governing Structure

1. Yaqoob Tahir Izhar
2. Margoob tahir Izhar
3. Umair tahir Izhar
4. Khizar Ayub Izhar
5. Uzair Yaqoob Izhar
6. Shavir Masroor
7. Muhammad Nawaz Sayal

President/Executive Director
Vice President
Finance Secretary
General Secretary
Executive Member
Executive Member/Project Head
Executive Member

Eng. Yaqoob Tahir Izhar

President/Executive Director

Inherited cult of Innovation and Headship

He did his B. Sc. Civil engineering from University of Technology and Engineering (UET) Lahore in 1979.

He is managing director of these group of companies
IZHAR Concrete (Pvt.) Ltd.
Pioneer in the Production, Supply, Erection of Precast / Pre-stressed Concrete systems, Structures and other Precast Products
IZHAR Construction (Pvt.) Ltd.
Complete Engineering & Structural Design and construction Services
IZHAR Steel (Pvt.) Ltd.
Pioneer in Fabrication & Erection and Pre-engineered Steel Buildings and Structures
MEP Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.
Complete Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing works
IZHAR Housing (Pvt.) Ltd.
Housing and Urban Development projects
IZHAR Energy Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
Alternate Energy Solutions for Corporate and Domestic clients
GREEN Revolution (Pvt.) Ltd.
Agri inputs for Crop health
Izhar Farms (Pvt.) Ltd.
Olives and Grapes Orchards and other Fruits Farms
Izhar Foundation for Research and Development
A completion solution of socio-economic issues of Pakistan

Family Background and personality

He belongs from a literary family. His father Izhar Ahmad Qureshi was one of the most renowned engineers of Pakistan and was pioneer of many major projects of our country. Particularly he pioneered in his time in design and development of construction techniques for pre-casting, pre-stressing and R.C.C. elements in Pakistan. He was born in 1927. He was distinguished throughout his academic career with top positions. He graduated in Civil Engineering from the Punjab College of Engineering, Lahore, in 1947 with honors and 1st position amongst Muslim students. He was a self-made man with long continuous struggle to his credit.

The parents of Izhar Ahmad Qurashi were very conscious and keen for the studies of their son and once they sold their home to cover the expenses of studies of engineering of their son. True to his parents aspirations, Mr. Izhar Ahmad Qureshi proved to be a visionary, innovator, entrepreneur, and a successful businessman.

He started his career after engineering as an SDO in WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) but he had resigned and established Izhar Group with a vision for satisfaction of his thrust of innovation and concrete solutions for the society and business. He spend his own money on Research and Development of design, methodology, manufacture and sale of precast and prestressed concrete. The resultant technology was given out to prospective entrepreneurs in the best interest of the public and rewards of positive intensions is what he gained? It is the Empire of “Izhar Group of companies”.

Mr. Yaqoob Tahir Izhar inherited discipline, values and vision from his father. The innovation and struggle is in the genes along with values and piousness with own methodology runs in the family.
He has a very clear vision which he explains in these words.

Although, I am affluent feel like wearing a three piece suit, but sitting on a filthy ground. There is so much misery, poverty, uneducation around us in our society that I sometimes feel obligation from God to do something for them. The blessings of God turned faint out of me. It can be real and pleasurable if the environment reflects the same happiness.

This happiness is possible only, if we do something for our society. Something not as a verdict but it must be real and tangible. It must be for the people who are really needy and deserving. I do must perform my duty as much as I can.

Mr. Yaqoob Tahir Izhar joined Izhar Group of Companies in 1980 after his Engineering in Civil. For his friends and rivals, he was lucky enough but it was queer for him without his share of invention and innovation. He wanted to make it a continuous process; more productive and innovative solutions and inventions which would make Pakistan a name of glory and identification. This could be the only way for realization of the dream of his father. He was married in 1982. His habit of reading books, articles and editorials in newspaper polished his visionary thinking on various political, social and economic factors of the society. He played hokey and badminton during his college life. He likes participation in dialogues and debates and always flexible to accept the opinion of opposition if valid and better but he is not flexible enough to lose his own empathy and values.

He steps ahead and initiates projects as diversified as east and west. Expanding Izhar Group in the engineering sector he started agriculture and livestock projects. It is his nature of exploration and adventurism that can lead agricultural development in a sequel order for the development of our agricultural economy.

Socio-economic quest

In his various trips to turkey in 2008, 2011 and 2013, he observed the developments done by the government of Tayyub Erdogan. During his stay in Turkey, he travelled north and south of Turkey, areas from Shanu Urfa to Ghaziantep, Kahramanmaras, Izmir and Istambul, he was surprised to observe the arid landscapes that were barren, rocky and hilly and had no water resources. But miles and miles, olive grooves were cultivated, mostly by the Erdogan govt. What he says in his words.

It was an eye opener for me to see thousands of kilometers of landscape (between Urfa and Gazianteb) that was sandy, arid and had no vegetation because lack of water resources. But surprisingly olive trees were successfully growing. It was notified that although, olive grooves are centuries old in Turkey but not in this region. These Olive groves are specially cultivated and developed by Erdogan govt. for enhancing olive oil industry. It just flashed in my mind, if olives can grow in such an arid area non fertile region, why not on marginal and/or barren lands of Pakistan. While Pakistan’s marginal lands are more fertile, lacking only management, guidance and direction.

As two thirds of Pakistan have marginal, arid, hilly and uneven lands. This crop can do miracles for people of Pakistan where soil and weather conditions are much better than the Turkish arid lands.

What could be the next for a person like him? He saw destiny of his dream. Just after his arrival in Pakistan, he started searching the land for his vision and landed in Kalar Kahar district Talagang, thus, the Izhar Foundation was born.

My vision for our Nation

I have visited around the globe except Latin Americas and Africa and my finding about the development mechanism of the settled nations in very clear. These nations have discipline and leadership which we do not have. When I compare these nations with Pakistani nation, I find my people are intelligent, hardworking, devoted, brave and have trustworthy without righteous leadership. We need only right leadership in right direction of development, research, technologies and social justice.

I believe and it is my finding

People make society and leader makes nation

We have our culture, language and history. But these are not enough; we must understand and do catharsis of our rights and evils. We are a deprived nation; it is a vivid reason of corrupt leadership. We are weak and poor in our planning and operations as a nation. We must learn from the nations have developed from ashes and dust and become the leaders of the globe.

Margoob Shakir Izhar

Vice President

He did his MBA in finance from Pak Aims, Lahore, Pakistan in 1991. He adopted Financial management as a career and currently he is Director Finance & Administration in Izhar Group of companies.

He is 40 years old and a thorough professional man in his field. He did his B. Com. From Sir Syed College of Commerce, Lahore, FA from F. C. College Lahore and Matriculation from Islamia High School Lahore.
He has eighteen years of experience in Tax Matters i.e. Income Tax & Sales Tax, Purchases Vendors Selection, Labor Laws i.e. E.O.B.I. Social Security and Monitoring Project Costs etc.

Umair yaqoob izhar

Finance Secretary

He is a son of Yaqoob Tahir Izhar the Executive Director of Izhar Foundation for Research and Development. He was born in 1989 and he did Bachelors Of Science In Industrial Engineering And Management in May, 2013 from Institute of Business Management, Karachi, Pakistan. His school education is from Lahore grammar School and he is proviledged as a Winning team member of Zenith 2012 arranged by the Strategic Human Resource Society (SHRS) of IoBM. He is Integral part and founding member of “Kaizen Pakistan”; a nonprofit and non-political NGO which aims to give education to less privileged children and aims to improve Pakistan through education and he was elected as President of Society of Industrial Engineering & Management in Fall 2012.

He has these research projects;
• Organizational Behavior: An extensive research report on Leadership practices at Dollar Industries ltd.
• Logistics & Inventory Control: A detailed study on Kanban and Supply Chain of Unilever.
• Total Quality Management: A comprehensive report and energy optimization audit at Hubcrete ltd.
• Human Resource Management: A comparative study of HR practices at UBL and Bank Alfalah ltd.
• Electrical Technology & Instrumentation: Power generation, transmission & distribution at KESC.
• Principles of Marketing: Business idea of low cost homes for the flood affected rural areas of Pakistan.

Extracurricular Activities
• Represented Soccer, Athletics, cricket, swimming and hockey teams at school & high school.
• Finance Head of Society Of Industrial Engineering And Management at IoBM (2011-2012)
• Attended workshops on development trainings conducted by well-known motivational Speakers.
• Attended several leadership conferences like YLES 2010, Experience Karachi 2012, I own Karachi etc.

Khizar Ayub Izhar

General Secretary

He is qualified Chartered Account from A. F. Ferguson & CO., Chartered Accountants, a member firm of the PwC network. He is young and enthusiastic, spirited young man with an extensive experience of project handling as he is looking a housing project of Izhar construction with one of the most prestige group of companies Monnoo group Pakistan. It is a housing project. He is has a good international exposure and he is frequent in travelling.

Uzair Yaqoob Izhar

Executive Member

He is a through philanthropist boy, Young and enthusiastic and he is son of Yaqoob Tahir Izhar. The Executive Director of Izhar Foundation for Research and Development (IFRD). He has special interest in community development and for the subject, he always try to be part of any community development activities, supportive programs for deserving persons. He has special interest in Pakistani politics and social issues.


Executive Member/Project Head

He was born in 13th August 1970 in Lahore, Pakistan. His father was an electrical Engineer and had a keen interest in literature, science, poetry etc. He did MA English during his engineering years. Working with WAPDA for more than 10 years, in 1971, he went to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to take charge of Load Dispatch Center. Within a year the family joined him.

Mr Shavir had his schooling in Pakistan Embassy School Jeddah. Due to lack of higher education facilities in Jeddah, he moved to Pakistan to complete matriculation, FSc and BSc while his father stayed in Saudia due to job requirements. He did his MBA from Philippines Christian University, Manila, Philippines in 1993.

Mr. Shavir Masrur had started his professional career from Allied Engineering & Services Ltd (dealers of caterpillar gensets and heavy machinery) in 1996 and had every growing managerial experience in Treet Corporation Ltd, Qarshi Industries Pvt. Ltd. National Logistic Cell (ATS-NLC Pvt. Ltd.) and Ascent Group of Companies. Finally in January 2013, he has joined Izhar Group of Companies as a Senior Manager Marketing and project head Izhar Farms and Izhar Foundation for Research and Development.

He area of expertise is not limited to brand management, new product development, business development, research and development but have more than that. Able to launch new or rejuvenate old brands. A Team player that takes his team to victory stand. Creative for campaign and thirsty for knowledge and learning. He is a Media Planner / Media Buyer. He is well equipped for ATL / BTL Strategies & Campaigns, Budget Preparation /Profit Maximization, Monitoring, Evaluating sales impact, Direct Customer Contact, Trade Marketing, Consumer and Trade Research and Designing.

He had visited England, France, Netherland, USA, Morocco and he is found of travelling and learning.

Haji Mohammad Nawaz Sial

Executive Member

He is graduate and he is one of the most old staff members of Izhar Group. His has experience of Tax matters, finance and philanthropic activities from the platform of Izhar. He spent his time in Karachi, Lahore and other stations for working from Izhar group of companies. He has the honor of serving this company since last 48 years.

The reason of this marathon association is the conducive and friendly working environment which provides an excellent and equal opportunity to all its employees to give their best and excel. Izhar has become his second home. He has given his whole youth to this company and in return, it has blessed him with complete job satisfaction. If he given the opportunity to born again, he will again join Izhar. When he looks back, he considers it is his life time achievement on which his next generations can feel proud of. Currently he is in charge and looking all philanthropic and CSR activities of Izhar Foundation for Research and Development. This program is most sensitive activity from the platform of IFRD with the name of Izhar Destitute support program & Izhar Support Program for Individuals and institutes.

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