Izhar Ahmad Qureshi

Izhar Ahmed Qureshi was the founder and Chairman of Izhar Group of Companies. He was a pioneer of his time in design and development of construction techniques for pre-casting, pre-stressing and R.C.C. elements in Pakistan.

Introduction of Mr. Izhar Ahmad Qurashi

He was born in 1927 in Hissar, part of Ambala, now it is located in Haryana of India. Hissar is just hundred miles to the west of Dehli. His paternal grandfather was working in the office of the Deputy Commissioner in Hissar District and after his death his father was allocated that seat.

Throughout his academic career, he was distinguished with top positions. He was graduated in Civil Engineering from the Punjab College of Engineering, Lahore, in 1947 with honors and 1st position amongst Muslim students. He was a self-made man with a long continuous struggle. He had dedicated his life to the profession of Civil Engineering.


From the very beginning, Mr. Izhar’s uncanny generosity and inspiring motivation to do good for his people, has set him above all others as a leader. One such example is spending most of his income on his hobby of Research and Development of design, methodology, manufacture of precast and pre-stressed concrete elements, which began to get appreciated as increasing sales reflect it. The in-house personal technology was given out to prospective entrepreneurs in the best interest of the public at no charge.

As a result of this, more than 600 factories for production of precast and pre-stressed concrete members sprang up in Pakistan without a single penny expense in foreign exchange. In these factories, hundreds of thousands of people got employed and the country saved millions of dollars’ worth of foreign exchange every year.
During this time, this revolution didn’t just stay in Pakistan but spread to India. The Indian Engineers happily joined and commended the efforts of Mr. Izhar’s well managed factory. They openly said the following in November 1997 at the site:

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India doesn’t have even one such factory.

Here is a quote by Mr. Izhar which serves as a source of motivation and inspirational guidance to our Youth;
For the younger, upcoming generation of Engineers, Researchers, Doctors and in-fact for all those who have decided to adopt a profession; (as some would like to get degree, some would like to earn handsome living); the critical decision of spending time and life the one and only one life; Why not earn a good name here?

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