Our slogan “lets grow Olives in Pakistan” was developed after herculean tasks done in establishment of olives plantations in Kalar Kahar by Izhar Group.

I had joined this project in January 2013. Although, I have a vast experience of marketing and business development of Fast moving consumer goods, the essence of olive, its religious and health aspects and phenomena of being first time ever in Pakistan etc. motivated me to take up the project. Growing olives for the first time in this hilly region and at this large scale is what makes it the most difficult of the tasks. We have been collecting information, research data etc. from various parts of the world as well as some of the research found at different institutes in Pakistan. Each and every aspect of olive cultivation is being worked out in detail. The good farm management practices are being learned and evolved day by day.

The past experience of marketing and research helped me to keep up with the passion and keenness required by the project. The innovative and new developmental mindset of Izhar was matched with that of mine thus olive became my inspiration too. While working on the project, we found the solution to vast barren /hilly lands of Pakistan. Olive is a hardy plant and can grow successfully is loamy, sandy, rocky and hilly soils, it doesn’t require care as that of other fruiting trees. Where nothing grows olive is the best solution to grow. Pakistan is almost 2/3 barren but soil and weather conditions are excellent for all horticultural crops. Thus we created our vision of converting barren lands into productive lands by olive cultivation.

Now this is my mission too. I aspire to see olive plantations everywhere in Pakistan.

Shavir Masrur
Project Head
Izhar Foundation for Research and Development

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