Agri-cooperative with buyback guarantee

IFRD wants to collaborate with small land holders in same area of Talagang and other areas to gives them solutions for barren lands or optimum utilization of their lands by giving them all solutions of Olive, Grapes, Citrus, dates or any suitable option.

Community Participation in Rural Development Model

This vital component of the project has the following features:
• The small farmers of local areas are getting none or little benefit from their cultivation by some seasonal harvest only. IFRD aims to provide them trainings and guideline for cultivation of Olive, Dates, Citrus and Grapes.
• IFRD will develop their lands included water facility by drip irrigation for cultivation of their lands.
• IFRD will provide them inputs in shape of plants and fertilizers etc.
• Monitoring and supervision of their crops and solutions for unforeseeable problems will be provided by IRDF.
• During the start period of non-fruiting, IFRD provide them livestock and inputs for vegetable and short period crops cultivation which is possible in the orchards of Olives and Grapes.
• IFRD will buy back their products on market rate for processing, value addition and marketing. Olive needs an intensive process of processing before its use and it involved a heavy machine and technological work which these farmers are not able to do as per the standards. IFRD will do as it will need a heavy crop to process at commercial level.
• IFRD plans to develop low cost housing schemes, schools, medical network and infrastructure related facilities for improving living conditions and standards of the local communities.


• IFRD seeks resources from donor/ partner agencies for delivery of inputs for harvesting, land development and water management, livestock, processing unit and marketing channels.
• IFRD seeks funds from donor/partner agencies for resources for construction of houses, model villages, schools, medical facilities and other facilities for better living standards.

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