Izhar Model Rural Town

Options and Planning for Extension and Partnerships with Donor Agencies and Other Stakeholders

• IFRD aims to develop an “Izhar Model Rural Town” of 5,000 to 25,000 acres in some area has sparse or no agricultural and infrastructural setup.
• IFRD plans to develop complete orchard management of Olive and Grapes included a model through standard road structure, hospital, schools, housing facility, livestock and home-based and small entrepreneurs.
• The area that is not contributing to national economy is the ideal for replicating the model.


• IFRD requires land on lease. The size of land required may be possible only from government sector for real rural revolution in Pakistan.
• IFRD has tested and launched its pilot project with its own investment. Now, IFRD need additional funds for application of IMRS (Izhar Model Rural Sector). IFRD needs to have a collaboration with government for acquiring land on lease through a public-partnership arrangement.
• IFRD has made strong efforts for more than four years to implement the pilot project. At this stage, many elements are remaining i.e. processing units for olive and grapes, storage facilities, value addition and transportation and marketing channels. IFRD needs partnership with donor agencies for completions of these remaining heads to initiate a new chapter of rural development in Pakistan.

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