Salient features of working

a. IFRD is a setup of social business/investment and it seeks opportunities of working with donors/partners, government and other foundations as per the practice of institutionalized NPOs. IFRD has developed its own innovative model pilot project through its own investment which is owned and self-sustained. The model can be up-scaled on the basis of its outputs, achievements, and lessons learnt.

b. The NPO offers a complete solution for setting up its social justice program as it aims to reduce the gap of discrimination in distribution of wealth by opening a window of opportunities to marginalized communities especially in rural areas of the country.

c. IRDF’s vision has enabled the organization to create a system addressing unemployment and underemployment for deserving community members, both men and women, in rural areas. These opportunities have opened up dignified livelihood especially for agricultural and livestock related communities. It aims to widen these opportunities, introduce new sectors of livelihood, alternative resource utilization and awareness for better living integrated with optimal utilization of human resources.

d. IFRD can offer more employment through exports and new products in local market on the basis of grapes and olive crops. It can introduce new directions in cottage industry, small and medium industrial units for olive oil and grapes crops utilization.

e. IFRD has the vision of becoming a credible research institute for government, universities, research centers, international entities and local organizations for the solutions of the local market in agriculture.

f. Equipped through a research institute and a functional rural development model, IRDF will be a supportive leader for other organizations of different areas through partnerships and joint ventures; or provision of guideline and consultancies to help them establish their own systems and new projects in related fields.

g. IFRD offers its Pilot Project for an appropriate collaboration with donors/partner organizations, government sector through public-private partnerships and international business/ investment agencies etc.

h. IFRD adopted the corporate culture and applied standard policies in operations. These systems cover all management, operations, monitoring and evaluation processes.

i. The organization plans to design projects which cover health, education, literacy, environment, awareness campaigns, social issues and advocacy.

j. IFRD has a clear vision on creating a sense of respect, tolerance and enlighten moderation among all concerned to lay the foundations of social cohesion.

k. IFRD will follow the vision to focus on developing ideal and worldwide acceptable social values and code of conduct among its participants, associates, beneficiaries and members.

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